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Welcome to the new BrwdHealth

This is the front door to the unauthorized and unapproved Broward Health Community infrastructure prototype consisting of three parts:

First: The Blog. These are articles that have some relevance to Broward Health, its mission and workforce. If you are a registered user of either Phoenix or Workforce, you will have access to all the articles. They are by Broward Health for Broward Health and you can comment with either you Phoenix or you Workforce identities.

Second: The Phoenix Community. This is an anonymous internal social network site most of the familiar bells and whistles of your favorite social sites – but restricted to only Broward Health. No kidding, it’s anonymous but you have to register a unique nickname and access the site from inside Broward Health’s intranet, or use your Broward Health email address for verification (you delete that email address right after you are verified and replace it with an anonymous email address see article ). No kidding, not even I can tell who you are or what your IP address is on Phoenix.

Third: The Broward Health Community. This is everything Phoenix is, but it’s not anonymous. You register with your name and Broward Health email address and you’re in (after verification).

Registration to any of the unauthorized & unapproved Broward Health Community sites will be in two steps; first; you must register from inside the Broward Health intranet (we check your IP address ) or you must use your Broward Health email for verification (* Second; you must reply to the verification email that will be sent to you. To register on the Anonymous Phoenix site, use a free anonymous email address (I recommend ProtonMail). After you successfully register and are verified – you can access the community from anywhere.

Sorry, the public is not invited.

If you are not new to BrwdHealth (not Broward Health) and wonder where all the past articles are, not to worry. All the articles are posted on “The Dan Lewis Report”. Once the prototype is completed (a lot of work), I will add a fourth part which will be for persons external to Broward Health who have some interest in the organization.

At this point, you may be wondering why. It’s simply this; to build and energize the Broward Health community. I hope you give it a try and help build it. I can provide a foundation, but you have to build the home.

One final point, right now – I control the site. Soon, I hope to pass it to the users to control and monitor – and have the entire infrastructure internal to Broward Health. But don’t worry – the anonymity promised in Phoenix will survive as a fundamental principle of trust.

The working logo is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Seems apropos.


P.S. Comments are open even to this welcome message.